CCTV and Access Control

Standalone & Central Access Control

For standalone access control systems, all electronics are installed in a keypad or reader – there are no additional components or peripherals, including extra wiring, routers, sensors and alarms. It is typically found on doors with low-level security or on smaller buildings with no additional exits.

Time Attendance

Time attendance machine or Systems are used to record the attendance of employees based on company policies. Time Attendance Systems are commonly used in Qatar to manage the human resources. Gateway Services offers all these solutions in Qatar to meet your requirements.

Anti-Theft & Intrusion Alarms

The ELA Innovation motion sensor monitors object movement to generate anti-theft or fraud alerts. We offer a small footprint and robust construction that make it ideal for use with high-value goods or items to be secured. There are many benefits to having an intrusion alarm installed at your building. 

Electro Magnetic Locks & Accessories

An electromagnetic lock securely prevents a door from opening without proper access credentials. Maglocks can be paired with switches to release the lock remotely and/or credential accessories that grant access at the door. These flexible solutions can easily fit the access procedures of new or retrofit security situations.

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