Time Attendance

Attendance Solution provider in Qatar

Time attendance machine or Systems are used to record the attendance of employees based on company policies. Time Attendance Systems are commonly used in Qatar to manage the human resources.

Different types of Time attendance machines, ID Card, PIN Number, Fingerprint, Palm vein, Face recognition and Iris Scanning is available in today’s market. Gateway Services offers all these solutions to meet your requirements.

Key Features

Mark attendance using multiple credentials

  • Fingerprint Time-Attendance
  • Palm Vein based Time-Attendance
  • RFID based Smart Cards
  • RFID based Proximity Cards

Auto data push from device to server

  • Attendance Data will be Pushed in Real-time
  • Temporary Data will be Stored in Device if Connectivity goes off

Organizational hierarchy

  • Create Different Policies for Departments and Designations
  • Define Various Levels of Hierarchy

Selectable entry/exit modes

  • Single Door Controller for Entry and Exit
  • Interpretation of Punches Depending on Attendance Policy

Late-in/Early-out policy

  • Create and Assign it to Employees or Group of Employees
  • Actions Taken as per Policy Assigned

Shifts and schedules

  • Create Unlimited Shifts and 999 Schedules
  • Auto Shift Correction
  • Resolves Date Rollover Issues