UPS - Single & Three Phase

Single Phase & Three Phase UPS Solutions in Qatar

Maintaining a steady flow of power in the premise to protect the critical applications under adverse circumstances is essential for any business. An uninterruptable power supply is an electrical device installed to provide emergency power when other sources of power fail. It differs from a stand by generator or an auxiliary power system in that it delivers instantaneous power supply to protect the critical applications from power disruption in the form of power stored in batteries.

We provide a wide range of UPS solutions to our clients based on the requirement assessment and the functional objectives. Our UPS solutions can provide a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions.

What We Offer

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are a critical component of data center backup power. Without them, power fluctuations and outages can take down workloads, damage hardware, and result in expensive payouts on Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We at Gateway Services, we offer both UPS systems solutions to your data centers, and our experts ensure that everything meets all of your power backup requirements – all within budget.

Single Phase UPS

Single-phase power is distributed through common household outlets to power everyday equipment such as laptops, lighting and televisions. When looking at an oscilloscope image of the voltage coming out of a single-phase outlet as illustrated in Figure 2, there’s only a single wave. Single-phase power is obtained by simply using only one phase of a three-phase system. Its root mean square (RMS) voltage is 120V (for North America) and it oscillates between its peaks of ±170V at 60 Hz (or 60 times a second).

Single-phase power:

  • Is used in most residential homes and small businesses
  • Is used for a wide range of general applications
  • Is the standard for locations where three-phase power is unavailable
  • Is the most efficient for units up to 1000 watts
  • Is not delivered at a constant rate


Three Phase UPS

Three-phase power, the most efficient way to distribute power over long distances, allows for large industrial equipment to operate more efficiently. It’s characterized by three single-phase waves that are offset in their phase angle by 120 degrees, or one-third of the sine wave period as illustrated in Figure 1. Three-phase voltage can be measured from each phase to neutral or from one phase to any other. The voltage relation between phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase is a factor of the square root of three (e.g., 120V versus 208V).

Three-phase power:

  • Is common in most large businesses and high-density data centers with higher kVA and rack applications
  • Is used for applications requiring greater than 1000 watts
  • Is used to balance the loads on the utility power of the building
  • Is safer and more cost effective to run
  • Is delivered in a steady stream at a constant rate