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What Are Call Detail Records (CDRs)?

A call detail record relays critical metadata about how and when your business phone system is being used. A call detail record (CDR) provides information about calls made over a phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses exact answers about where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes.

What is a Call Detail Record (CDR)?

A CDR provides metadata – data about data – on how a specific phone number or user utilizes the phone system. This metadata typically includes:

  • When the call took place (date and time)
  • How long the call lasted (in minutes)
  • Who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)
  • What kind of call was made (inbound, outbound, toll-free)
  • How much the call cost (based on a per-minute rate)

CDRs can also include SMS messaging metadata and any other official communications transmission. However, the contents of the messages/calls are not revealed through the CDR. The call detail record shows that the calls or messages took place and measures basic call properties.

Why are CDRs important?

A CDR log lists the transmission of every billable communication on your phone system. This allows phone companies to generate your phone bills and lets you keep definite records of how and when your phone system was used. They are primarily used by businesses to assist in call reporting and billing.

Billing departments use CDRs to resolve disputes, keep records of how funding is spent, and log usage of the telephone system. IT departments can also use CDRs to determine if there were any disruptions in phone service.

CDRs can be used to identify calling trends and gain insights into employees’ use of phones. This allows the organization to make better management decisions by analyzing patterns and trends.