Standalone & Central Access Control

Standalone & Central Access Control Solutions in Qatar

Standalone access control

For standalone access control systems, all electronics are installed in a keypad or reader – there are no additional components or peripherals, including extra wiring, routers, sensors and alarms. Standalone access control is typically found on doors with low-level security or on smaller buildings with no additional exits.

Pros of Standalone Access Control

  • Cost-effectiveness: Since they come at the lower range of the security systems, they are the preferred option for low-budget security plans, for small offices or low-security.
  • Easy to install. They come with a quick installation guide so that an average person can install them without incurring additional fees for security specialists.
  • Variety of access options: such as tokens, fobs, cards, and codes, making it easy to manage, and cheap in terms of side equipment.
  • Highly-scalable. Even if you start with only one, you can get new units as your business grows or your security needs become more complex.


Centralized access control

Centralized access control is when you have one unified system for all your locations – even those spread across several continents. You have one global security policy and your system is managed centrally.

The benefits of centralized access control

  • Centralizing your access control brings a range of far-reaching benefits.
  • Increased mobility and convenience – people can access any of your locations (for which they have access rights) using just one card or identifier.
  • Improved efficiency – you can dramatically reduce the hours needed to manage and operate your system.
  • Cost savings – you only have one system to set up and maintain and can take advantage of economies of scale when investing in it.
  • Future-proofing – with just one system, it’s easier to keep it up to date and adapt it to meet your future needs and risks.