Network Switches

We deliver leading network solutions

Our series covers wireless network products, routers, core switches, Ethernet switches, PoE switches, power line adapters, and network cards. They offer the most efficient network solutions for the ever-increasing performance demands of data center applications, cloud computing, storage and high-performance computing applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale. With its unique design principles and uncompromised quality, we provide a complete end-to-end Ethernet solution that performs at the highest level.

We have scalable, converged networking solutions to fit customer needs best, focusing on small office home office (SOHO) to data centers, service providers, and medium-to-large enterprises. Although, comparatively a smaller player in the global Ethernet switch market, we continue to provide innovative products by partnering with reputed Network switch resellers worldwide. We are the growing core switch supplier in the region. We are always keen on meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Serving Clients Stay Abreast of Rapidly Evolving Technology

With a strong emphasis on complete solutions that generate value for customers and help them realize the digital society’s potential. We provide industry-leading products that address our customers’ requirements in all market segments and deliver the innovation needed for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. We bring creative methods of execution to the challenge of realizing the potential of a connected world. We shape the Internet’s future by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners. We transform how people communicate and collaborate on our interconnected planet.


Datacenter solutions

We deliver leading open network solutions for cloud data center, telecommunications, and enterprise customers with technology and channel partners. Our switches support the broadest set of commercial and open-source software choices in the industry, providing customers with the selection of the switching and SDN architectures.

Access solutions

A full range of managed switch solutions to fulfill different deployment requirements. These switches offer a complete set of advanced software features and a range of configurations to satisfy various networking environment installation requirements such as ETTx and FTTx Metro Access market. These managed switch solutions also emphasize scalability and flexibility for future network expansion.

Enterprise solutions

L2/L3/L4 switches offer a complete set of advanced software features and a range of configurations to fulfill various networking environment installation requirements, from SMB to enterprise. With PoE options in different models and port counts, it offers the organization flexibility to deploy Wi-Fi and surveillance services.