Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions Provider in Qatar

What are call center solutions?

A call center solution enables the company to handle customer interactions. Traditionally, call center customer service solutions have been equated with only voice interactions. As time progressed, customers have moved on from only voice calls to other modes of communication. With call center solutions, the agents can place outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics, perform workforce management, and upload automated scripts.

The customers are no more dependent on just one channel to reach customer support. There are plenty of options available – live chat, social media, email among others. Having contact center software ensures customer satisfaction and improves the level of customer engagement.

Why call center solutions?

  • Manage Inbound Operations

    Enable your agents to handle queries efficiently with Inbound Call Center Software and provide better customer services over calls and emails. Intelligently route the calls to the most competent agents available in the queue to manage the agent’s efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience. Power inbound contact center solutions with ACD, IVR, and VQ Pass reduce the customer’s waiting time.
  • Manage Outbound Operations

    Make your sales proactive with various dialers such as preview dialer and predictive dialer to increase the agent’s productivity. Auto dialers can easily detect when the call is connected with the customer and an answering machine, thus reducing the agent’s wait time. Outbound Call Center’s primary beneficiaries like B2B, Banking, and Insurance can upgrade sales scale exponentially.
  • Ease of Deployment

    We provide easy-to-deploy call center solutions that are highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Engage with on-premise and on-cloud solutions to suit your business needs and increase or decrease the business size without any hassle. Our Private and Public Cloud solutions allow businesses to handle their call center operations on the internet with ease.

Key Features of our Call Center Solutions

Call Recording

Get every call detail: inbound, outbound, and internal calls. Call statistics, days, groups, users, agents’ performance and more. Graphs, tabular, and exportable to excel and any other formats. Data to analyze and improve!

Call Reporting

For compliance, legal protection and Quality control, your call center needs to record calls, and we have the best solution for that The recording will be done in the background, without interrupting or affecting the quality of calls, silently, and recordings have to be kept for a long time. Most importantly, it should be cost-effective!

Ticket Tracker

Track the customer support requests. Create tickets through IVR, Web, Mail or Mobile. Know the status, alert on SMS, Email. On-premise or On-Cloud installations. Customization options. Programming support. Integration with all major IP Telephony Systems Compatible with Avaya, Cisco, Yealink or Asterisks.