Wireless Access Control

Wireless access control solutions in Qatar

Wi-Fi based access system uses a combination of software and hardware resources. These products communicate with each other through a wireless communication system. The main products commonly used in a Wi-Fi enabled security system include:

  • Electronic or wireless locks
  • Wireless readers
  • Wireless access point
  • Access control application
  • Fobs

Wire-free access components can be conveniently controlled and serviced from your desk without the need for on-site programming. You have full access to the door components from your computer.


  • High level of user convenience, programming from your desk
  • Improved security for isolated doors: immediate transmission means no security gaps (e.g. revoke access rights if badges are lost)
  • Option to extend all-access solutions securely and cost-effectively with the wireless function
  • High-quality components with an award-winning design meet aesthetic requirements
  • Perform updates and maintenance quickly and efficiently
  • Reduced administration and labor
  • Automatic alarm if a door is forced open (in online systems)
  • Traceability – display of your ‘door events’ (time/location/medium)


  • Any location where wiring is not an option, such as in historical buildings, in remote offices or for infeasibility
  • When there is a need for granting access rights centrally without having to program each door locally
  • When planning a flexible building expansion, annex or alteration with an existing master key system and equip it with the latest locking technology